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Please answer one of the following questions below. Answers should be NO LONGER THAN 1000 words in length. This will be submitted to Turnitin. From the IUCN Red List of Threatherned Species choose a species that is declining or under threat of extinction. Describe the geographic range of this species, both in it’s surrent situation as well as in the recent past. What are the biogeographical factors that are contributing to this species’s decline? Given your knowledge of biogeographical processes, what conservation actions could be taken to slow or stop the rate of decline? Is there any missing information that would help inform these actions?  Choose an ecogeographic rule. Define that rule and how a biogeographer might test to see whether this rule applies. For this essay, identify a species for which the rule applies and document the evidence used to support that claim. Further, find a species that contradicts the same rule and document the evidence used to support that claim. Should such rules be applied only within species, or should they be used across different species? Are these rules useful (do they have value) if they can be broken? Support your claim. One of the most stunning patterns in biogeography is the latitudinal diversity gradient. What do you think is the most compelling reason for this gradient? Be sure to identify both evolutionary and ecological processes that underlie the reason that you gave. Support your answer with specific examples that illustrate these processes. Given these processes, where do you think that biodiversity is most threatened? Again, support your claim.
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