50 75 Word Discussion Reply

 For  this week’s choice under the discussion topic, I have chosen to discuss  the tea plant. I LOVE TEA!!! Tea is something that is a staple in our  family, and you can find it in our refrigerator every day and the same  goes for most of my family member’s homes as well.  The scientific name  of this plant is Camellia Sinensis. This plant produces the tea  leaves that we use to make tea out of. The different taste that we get  from different teas is all on how they are processed and how long leaves  are left there on the shrub before harvesting. Tea leaves can be eaten  and contain a much higher nutrient content when eaten instead of made  into a liquid. The leaves are taken off the plant and then go through a  drying process before tea can be brewed from them. The primary use for  the tea plant is to brew tea out of the leaves. There are currently 38  tea production plants within the united states. They also have some in  Canada as well. China and India are known as the largest in tea  production. There isn’t an alternative to the tea plant, but if someone  is looking for another way to get the caffeine they could resort to  coffee. One interesting fact that I learned while doing research is that  the flowers that grow on the tea plant are edible. The flowers on the  plant are white and typically appear in clusters of about 2 to 4 flowers  in one spot. They typically have 5-9 petals on them. These same flowers  are pollinated by bees. The tea plant has a life span of about 30 to 50  years.  
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