acmb02h3 qualitative research proposal 2

It is basically writing 1500words essay in 3 sections. part 1 900words part two 300 words and part 3 300 words

TOPIC IS: how does the firstjob/parttime job matters/affects young generation

The matter has to be specific (use one of these):

Units of Analysis

1. Meanings

2. Practices

3. Episodes

4. Encounters

5. Roles

6. Relationships

7. Groups

8. Organizations

9. Lifestyles

ACMB02H3 Qualitative Research Proposal: 20% of your Final Mark

  • DUE Sunday February 16, 2020 at 11:59pm
  • Submit in a SINGLE FILE (.DOC or .PDF)
  • Submit through QUERCUS ONLY

This assignment has three (3) parts, please clearly indicate these parts as distinct sections of your Qualitative Research Proposal. You can prepare for these assignments using the guidelines for each part as set out by the related tutorial worksheets, but the completed worksheets cannot be handed in instead of a well-written and well-presented proposal assignment. Do not forget to include your name at the top.

  1. Research Proposal (10 Marks)
  2. Interview Guide (5 Marks)
  3. Shooting Guide (5 Marks)

Part 1. Research Proposal (10 points):

Please review the ‘Research Questions Worksheet’ and lecture notes from Week 3 to understand the distinct questions that must be clearly answered within your research proposal. You will be marked on the following components of your research proposal:

  • 5 points: Introduction, Research Problem, and Questions (400 words MAX)
    • Introduce the Goal of the Research; define and justify the Basic Research Model being employed
    • Discuss the Problem, Issue, or Critical Focus identified as your core Research Problem, include specific Delimitations of this Topic
    • List your Research Questions + Define the Types of Research Questions that you have chosen to use
    • Indicate the Units of Analysis that will be engaged by your research questions and discuss why they are important for your research proposal.
  • 5 points: Literature Review and Reflections on the Research Problem (500 words MAX)
    • Use academic sources to discuss what previous research reveals about your topic.
    • Discuss the significance of this research issue for you, the community in question, or society in general.
    • Discuss the ethical considerations and limitations of a study using these methods?
    • Be sure to write with clarity, correct grammar and correct formatting for in-text citations with a reference list.

Part 2. Interview Guide (5 points):

Please review the ‘Interview Guide Worksheet’ and lecture notes from Week 4 to understand the distinct components, interview guide sections, and types of questions that must clearly be incorporated within this section. Revise and polish your interview guide as a separate section, linked to your Qualitative Research Proposal. The interview guide must include the following components:

  • Develop in interview guide with:
    • 3 clear sections (ie Generative Questions, Directive Questions, and Closing Questions)
    • 15 primary questions (total across all of these sections), plus an additional 5 follow-up or probing questions.
    • Indicate each question type in parenthesis beside the question.
  • Write a brief rationale (300 words MAX) explaining what you hope to accomplish across each section of the interview guide, relating your interview questions to both the Research Questions and Units of Analysis for your study. It may be useful to explain how your questions accomplish the goal of each question type by ensuring that you answer the following questions:
    • Indicate and discuss your interview type and interview sample.
    • How do your questions and their ordering help build rapport and lead the interviewee towards your research questions?
    • How do the different types of interview questions that you have used engage with your research questions?
    • How do your follow-up or probing questions engage with particular units of analysis?

Part 3. Shooting Guide (5 points):

Please review the ‘Photo-Documentation Shooting Guide Worksheet’ and lecture notes from Week 5 to understand the guide format with shooting goals and shooting instructions, as well as the questions that must be clearly incorporated in the rationale. Revise and polish your shooting guide to as a separate section, linked to your Qualitative Research Proposal. The shooting guide must include the following components:

  • Develop a shooting guide table (like used on the worksheet) consisting of 4 columns:
    • The sites/locations or actors expected to be captured in the photos.
    • Categorize each shooting instruction by labelling it with a shooting goal ‘type’.
    • List of the wider research questions (just put the #) and expected units of analysis to be captured by the shooting instructions
    • At least 2 shooting instructions for each shooting goal for each site, representing the translation of your research questions into instructions for photo documentation.
  • Discuss (300 words MAX) how photo-documentation of the chosen sites and samples relate to your Research Question Answer the following questions:
    • Are the photos a way of evoking the lived world/experience of the participants? How?
    • Are the photos used to exemplify an analytical understanding of cultural practice? How?
    • What particular “Units of Analysis” are captured through the process of taking photos of particular sites or samples of people?
    • Discuss how your ‘shooting ‘goals’ answer your Research Questions. Be specific.
    • How will these ‘shooting goals’ compliment the data to be gathered from proposed interviews?

Methods of CitationPlease use a consistent and correct style of citation, but with in-text citations that include page numbers where applicable (ie for books, but not a webpage) and a reference/works cited list. Please use either APA 6 or MLA 7 citation format.

A detailed overview of APA6 can be found here: to an external site.

A detailed overview of MLA 7 can be found here: (Links to an external site.)

Internet Resources: UTL Catalogue E-resources (e.g. JSTOR Catalogue, Scholar’s Portal, etc.) are admissible as sources, but no other websites or Internet sources are admissible as academic sources for assignments. Please do not utilize or document any other website of any kind as research for your essays, unless it is specifically a case study (a blog, art exhibition, news story or forum) for analysis using one of the methods. Doing so will result in an automatic point deduction of up to one full letter grade. If you have any questions or concerns about this, or if you would like to verify the suitability of your sources, please speak to the Instructor directly. An exception to this rule may be sites such as Google Books or a major news outlet’s website, but I strongly advise you to talk to the instructor before using such a source. Please bear in mind: You should never use Wikipedia as a primary cited resource. While Wikipedia might be used as a starting point for accessing other research materials (e.g. exploring any academic articles used as resources in the footnotes of an entry), it should never serve as a primary source, or as a referenced source in academic papers.


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