applied topics in digital marketing 5

Answer each question on its own

*Assume that OBG implemented as their SFA.

1- Outline which object within a SS would review before visiting retailers. Outline which object within a SS would log stock orders.

2- Which solution could be utilized for automating the rural market?

3- Assuming that the OBG is implementing the solution in 2019, what technology would you recommend for the rural market instead of the handheld devices?

4- What is the largest issue with implementing SFA to the sales people?

5- What changes to the sales force structure would you recommend?

Dive into these questions and be more analytical with numbers either.

6- Analyze the major issues in the sales and distribution system of OBG priorto the SFA implementation. Outline how you would mitigate the issues during implementation.

7-What are the major issues facing OBG with the rural market? Outline a minimum of 3.

8- Recommend a development and implementation plan for the rural market


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