Arab Spring Short Essay |

The Arab Spring that began in 2011 was a period of rapid change throughout North Africa and Southwest Asia that influenced events far outside that region. Choose a country and write about what anti-government protests took place there and what (if any) change occurred in that country as a result. What is the political situation in that country today? Is it different than it was ten years ago?

Papers are worth thirty points each. Below are some things for which I may subtract points if they are missing/done incorrectly:

  • Thesis statement/argument
  • reference the relevant section of our textbook
  • reference a relevant news article
  • include your thoughts and opinions
  • include a citation to the news article you used (website, title, author, date)
  • length; at least one full page of text, double-spaced.
  • grammar and organization
  • submitting the assignment correctly in Canvas as a Word document
  • cutting and pasting more than 15% of your paper

I need this before Friday 11:00 PM

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