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Part (i) Revue Films Ltd (RVL) is making a film in a downtown carpark. The film crew is staging a shoot out between the hero and the villains, a group of terrorists intent on blowing up a fast food franchise in order to make a statement about global capitalism. Randy works for Crash Bang Ltd (CBL) the company engaged by RVL to do the stunts and is the stunt coordinator in charge of setting up the scene. He sends his assistant Ken to block off the street and warn neighbouring shopkeepers of the likelihood of explosions. Ken goes to warn the neighbours but is sidetracked when Amelia, mistaking him for an actor, asks for his autograph. Ken is unable to warn the local shop keepers or to close the street as instructed before the stunt begins. When Randy detonates an explosive charge to simulate a hand grenade the explosion is far louder than he had anticipated. Ato, a passing motorist, is so startled that he brakes suddenly and is hit by the following car, driven by Benny. Benny’s BMW is extensively damaged. Repairs will cost $7,000 while repairs to Ato’s Toyota Corolla will only cost $500. Benny requires a replacement vehicle while his BMW is being repaired. He hires a Porsche at a cost of $1200 to replace the BMW because as a real estate agent he says “appearances are important. I’ll lose sales if I don’t project a successful image.” The blast also activates Dave’s car alarm. Dave is at a business meeting and does not return to collect his vehicle until three hours later. Despite their attempts to locate Dave RVL are unable to do so and cannot turn off the alarm. The intermittent whoops and whistles of Dave’s alarm prevents the film crew from filming any more that day. RVL have lost a day’s filming and are now behind schedule. It will cost $10,000 in crew overtime and $7,000 in extra hire charges for the use of the lighting, cameras and equipment to make up for lost time.

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The post Business law question first appeared on nursing writers.

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