Case; Job redesign

Case Assignment
In the background materials you had a chance to read about the traditional “top down” approach of job
redesign as well as the newer “bottom up” approach of job crafting. Before starting on this assignment, make
sure you have thoroughly reviewed the readings and understand the key job redesign and job-crafting
strategies. Once you have finished reviewing the background materials, apply what you’ve learned to the
specific scenarios and questions below. Make sure to cite at least one of the required readings for each answer
and try to cite at least four of the readings in your answer. Your paper should be 4–5 pages in length:
Relax Lines, Inc. is a luxury cruise line that has hired you as a job crafting consultant for two groups of their
employees. The first group is the ship crew. The crew have responsibility for safety, navigation, and
maintenance of the ship. The second group is the hospitality staff. The hospitality staff is tasked with making
sure the passengers are enjoying themselves and are properly entertained with various events that this staff
plans and prepares. Before arriving at the cruise line to do interviews and make recommendations, you first
need to do some reading on what general approach you will use. As a first step, review Dik and Duffy (2012),
where they discuss task crafting, relational crafting, and cognitive crafting. Which of these three types of job
crafting do you think would be most appropriate for the ship crew, and which one do you think would be most
appropriate for the hospitality staff? Also, read up on “job-crafting swap meets” in Wrzesniewski (2014). Do you
think a swap meet would be appropriate for either ship crew members or hospitality staff? Any other strategy
from Wrzesniewski (2014) that you think would be useful for either pilots or online marketers?
The ABC Corporation has a team of telemarketers. The job description for the telemarketers is pretty basic:
They call up potential customers who have visited his company’s web page and requested information about
the product. Telemarketers’ performance evaluations depend mostly on their monthly sales as well as customer
satisfaction surveys, and they receive monthly feedback reports. Their supervisor gives them some initial
training, but these telemarketers have a lot of freedom to choose how and when to call customers. For
example, they are free to customize their own sales pitch as long as they don’t mislead potential customers.
Also, they are not required to fill out a time card or work at the office (they can work from home, if they want).
As long as they are making enough monthly sales they are free to set their own schedules. While the
telemarketing team is performing well, the company is concerned about high turnover among telemarketers
and wants to do some job enrichment. Which of the five core job dimensions discussed in Bauer and Erdogan
(2012) or page 9 of Griffin (2007) do you think should be revised the most during a job redesign intervention?
Which ones do you think do not need to be revised? Explain your reasoning and cite some of the required
readings in your answer

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