Contemporary criminal justice policies and practices

  1. Explain any 3 contemporary criminal justice policies and practices applied to the administration of justice during the BLM protests. Your answer will
    provide your substantive explanation based upon a real-life example from the news. You will also provide a link to that news story. One of your
    answers can be about tactical policies/practices, one must be about administrative actions, and the third must be community-relations based.
    2.Describe how professional ethics relate to equality and diversity in both the adult and juvenile justice systems. Your answer will include 2 examples
    (and links) where ethics was cited as a main reason to change the system (can be either adult, juvenile or both).
    3.Summarize how empirical evidence and relevant criminological theory guide problem solving and the examination of the nature and causes of
    crime. Summarize (and link) one real-life criminal justice research project that used theory to help identify/explain/solve a problem.
    4.Explain how international or global problems impact the United States criminal justice system. Identify (and link) any 3 of the most current or
    pressing global issues that are affecting US criminal justice strategies and operations.
    5.Identify and link any 2 contemporary criminal justice technologies being used by police today. Discuss the impact of “high tech policing” upon due
    process and equal justice.
    6.Describe 2 contemporary or emergent threats and challenges to the police that are posed by modern technology. Provide and link 2 examples
    showing how modern technology is being used against the police force or police officers.
    7.Summarize the main era’s of the US correctional system. (You may use paste your timeline into this section as part of your answer. Not the link but
    the actual timeline.) Discuss and link one example demonstrating how the correctional system is currently being reformed across the country.
    8.Demonstrate comprehension of qualitative and quantitative methods used in criminology. Provide a detailed and specific explanation of each data
    type and specifically cite one example of each data type from any of the resources I’ve provided to you throughout the semester

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