Course project- 6 page double spaced

Four-Page (minimum) Self-Analysis – You took a number of instruments that should have given you insight into your leadership and management skills and traits.  List each instrument and give a brief paragraph explaining at least one attribute/characteristic you learned about yourself from that instrument.  I would prefer you use a Table for this, but it’s not required. After you complete your review of each instrument, included an overall discussion of your strengths and challenges.  Also, in your discussion, consider when your strengths could inadvertently be a weakness.  For example, you may find out that you are assertive in your behavior style.  However, is it always appropriate to be assertive?  You would explain when it would be a weakness or distraction. 
Two-Page (minimum) Action Plan – This portion is very important to accomplishing your course objectives.  You should consider the following for inclusion in your Action Plan. Please note that some are required in your plan.

Description of the behavior/attribute/characteristic/activity you want to change (start or stop).  (required)
Focused knowledge, skills and/or abilities needed.
Training goals.
Daily activities that need changing. (required)
Longer term changes needed. (required)
Detailed and specific action steps you plan to take.  You MUST be specific here.  List the steps you will take to improve the areas you selected.  Do NOT be general in your steps. (required)
Resources you may need
Barriers you may encounter. (required)
Time-line for implementation. (required)

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