D-board kant | Psychology homework help

  1.  What is Kant’s objective as stated in the preface (HINT: he states the objective toward the end of the Preface)? More precisely, what is Kant trying to accomplish by clearly setting apart the “empirical from the rational part” (2)? Why is such a purification process indispensable for morality, according to Kant (HINT: a moral law needs to have necessary validity for Kant)? (200 word count)
2.  Explain, in detail, how Kant would determine whether lying is the right thing to do. In your answer, make sure to explain the reasoning that Kant would asks us to apply to that determination, but also the why he would adamantly stress that that is the only way to know (HINT: think about the universability of an action as well as the fact that a moral law, to be moral/ethical, needs to have necessary validity) (150-200 word count). 

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