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  For this assignment you will write a short paper (150-300 words) in which you will compare the structure and function of the mucosal linings of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. In your thorough descriptions, explain how each organ’s mucosal lining structure is related to its function, not just list the structure and function. The structure would include type of epithelium, cells, glands and their secretions, any folding or projections, etc. Function would include what happens to the food in that organ. Note that you are just describing the MUCOSA, not the other layers. Please include micrographs of each organ’s mucosa with your descriptions….. you may find many some by doing an image search on your computer. Please site your references. The paper is worth 16 points and will count the same as the weekly quizzes when determining your final grade in the course. Look at the grading rubric before beginning so you will be sure to include everything!! I will use the grading rubric that is posted in a link below these instructions when grading your paper, so make sure you include all information addressed in the rubric if you want a perfect score of 16 (4 points max for each category in the rubric).  Please save your paper as one of these file types prior to submitting:  doc, docx,rtf, pdf   Other formats will not be accepted.
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