Diet Supplements Health And Sanitation Case Responses Help

What are the pros and cons of supplementation, dietary intake, and fortification as a way to ensure that people are getting adequate micronutrients?

2. What is the impact of Vitamin A deficiency? Who is most vulnerable to the deficiency and how does it affect them?

3. What are incentives? How were they used in this case to motivate certain


4. What are some of the social and political reasons that make the use of female community health volunteers a success in Nepal?

5. Why do you think technical experts questioned the original observations about the impact of vitamin A on child mortality?

Questions for Case Study #1 Toilets and Sanitation at the Kumbh Mela Festival

1. Describe the public sewage removal in India.

2. Historically, why is there concern about the Kumbh Melafestival?

3. What are the 4 types of designated toilet areas?

4. After reading observations of the public’s view of toilet and sanitation facilities, what is the principle thinking?

5. After the festival, why are there still concerns?

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