Discuss why this topic is relevant/important (importance to sociologists, to the broader

Business Project Guidelines

Business Project Summary Components: The summary is the primary deliverable for this

course. The project is to be written following proper APA formatting. Your entire summary

should be at least 15-20 pages, not including title or reference pages. This will vary depending

upon the scope of the project and the supporting documents in appendices. Your research should

be supported by at least 15 credible resources.

Executive Summary: This should be written last; it is approximately a 1-page snapshot of your

entire project.

Narrative: The narrative includes the following underlined sections.

INTRODUCTION (project overview)

 Describe the general topic area

 Discuss why this topic is relevant/important (importance to sociologists, to the broader

community, etc.)

 Identify the specific scope of your research interest


This section explains what is currently happening in the company and why this project is needed.


The literature review should be a well-organized overview of the research most closely

related to your work.

 This section is most like papers you have written in previous courses. It discusses the

credible resources you found on the topic and shares what you learned from these

resources. There should not be the discussion of what is happening at your company (that’s

the assessment of the current situation) or what you have done about the project (that’s

your method and analysis) in your literature review.

 This might likely include the dominant debates, theoretical approaches, methodological

research designs that have been used to understand your topic.

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