Discussion 6 | Education homework help

Discussion 6: Candidates will be able to describe and apply current literacy, trends and research methods to the teaching of students with diverse learning needs across the curriculum.
Directions: Please answer the following questions. You can use bullets to summarize you responses. Also respond to one post that your peer has shared.

What are the key points of the material that you explored?
What was new to you and how did it change the way you perceive addressing the educational needs of your students?
Give at least one specific example of an experience in your personal or professional life that is related to the readings/videos.

Fish in a Tree: Ch. 34-End


Make Math Meaningful for Diverse Learners:
Goals for Achieving Diversity in Mathematics Classrooms:
The Reason I Jump (Optional Resource on Autism)

Math isn’t hard, it’s a language | Randy Palisoc | TEDxManhattanBeach:

The Invisible Problem – Teenage Homelessness | Nancy Fairbank | TEDxUTD

HopeMakers: Helping Homeless Youth Embrace Life | Kevin Ryan | TEDxNavesink

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