Evidence-based practices that reduce health disparities

Conduct a literature search and find 4 articles about ‘Evidence-based practices that reduce health disparities

 Article must be peer-reviewed, between years 2012- 2017 

Create a Title page with running head, page number, Name, course name, name of college, professor, date  

D. Paper must be 1 and 1/2 pages long (not including the title page and reference page). Include headings within your paper according to APA format

a. Include the definition for health disparity, and evidence-based practice (Cite Sources)

b. Causes of health disparities (Cite Sources)

c. Identify a population from the literature with health disparities (Cite Sources)

d. Identify 2 evidence-based practices from the articles that reduce health disparities within your selected population

 Outcome/s of implementation of reductions. Use the literature to support your rationales for the outcomes (cite sources)

Implication to nursing practice- how will reduction impact your nursing practice

Create a reference page with articles in APA format (minimum 2 articles)

 Paper must be double- spaced (including title page), use font Times New Roman and size 12 font

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