Falls project- | Nursing homework help

This assignment contains two parts:Essay and Powerpoint. Each assignment has its own rubric below.
Topic: Fall Risk Prevention/ Practice Improvement Project
Essay Part: should be 3-5 pages APA Style of body covering improvement practices within nursing aspects on topic selected. Must include areas covered on rubric (attached below) along with items listed as follows:
1. Overview of your current professional leadership strengths and nursing philosophy.  (use your leadership strengths assessment in your discussion to target the chosen topic)
2. Lessons learned to date pertaining to nursing leadership around your topic. (what situations or lessons learned have significantly improved your practice with this topic).
3. Utilizing the concepts listed below.
4. Describe specific areas that you would like to focus on to attain your (use personal goals in professional development).
5. There should three to five references.
6. The reflection should be APA 7th edition format.
Powerpoint Part: Should summarize all of the aspects covered on completed on the first assignment while following guidelines for powerpoint rubric requirements. (included below)

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