Fan Cost Experience

Visit the Team Marketing website at and search the Fan Cost Index. . There are four reports available; including the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA. Select one of the four reports to view (PDF) and then select your favorite team and describe the following:

  • Average Ticket Price for your favorite team
  • Percentage Change
  • Was the change positive, negative, or practically the same?
  • How does the average ticket price compare to the League Average?
  • Parking Cost
  • How does the Parking Cost compare to the League Average?
  • What is the FCI (Fan Cost Index)?
  • How does the FCI compare to the League Average?
  • Select another team in the same league that is in another time zone and in a different conference/division. Describe the differences you notice between the prices of your favorite team and the second team you selected. Explain how prices for certain categories are similar or different.
  • Read the article below the team marketing research data and explain the current trends in pricing with the professional sport you have chosen. Describe what you have learned regarding pricing with professional sports. Additionally, explain the value of the FCI team marketing research and how teams and organizations can use it to market more effectively.


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