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a 1,000 word review/analysis of either Policing the Police (Links to an external site.) (recommended, Module 5) or Street Fight (Links to an external site.) (recommended, Module 4). Which film you choose to review is up to you. Both films are linked below. 
Your write-up should at minimum address the following:

A brief description of the film (What is the point of the movie? Does the director have a perspective? Do you agree with this viewpoint? Etc.)
A critical analysis of the film (What if anything was omitted from the film? Are there areas of the film that you disagree with? Etc. Explain.)
A detailed discussion of how the content of the movie relates to the course material
Anything else you think is worth noting

The final write-up is due by 11:59 pm on Friday, August 13.  
The assignment will be grading using this rubric (Links to an external site.).
Street fight:
Policing the police:

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