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I agree that the virus is significant in science right now. I am not sure what you are proposing as your issue? One possibility is the issue of Global Pandemics and emerging diseases. Another may be Genetic Engineering and mRNA vaccines.
The idea is to look at a currently important issue that has multiple viewpoints. For example, Electric cars are touted as good for the environment because of emission and global warming but when you look at the production of electric cars, the generation of electricity, and the disposal of old cars and batteries the issue is much more complex. If the electricity for charging the cars is served from Coal the emission from the coal plan contributes to global warming like the emission from gas-powered cars. 
You can certainly choose one of the suggested issues and find a lot to ponder or if you can make a case for a different topic being an important issue in natural science that has multiple viewpoints. but it is important that you specify exactly what issue you will tackle.

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