GOVT 2305: 4th Amendment and Privacy


GOVT 2305: 4th Amendment and Privacy
Activity for Assessment:
A lot of the debate surrounds the balance between an individual’s right to privacy and our state and national governments need to protect all of its citizens. With this debate in mind, you are going to research some of the recent decisions with regards to the 4th Amendment—specifically the right against “unreasonable search and seizure”. The topics you will need to research are:
Are these unreasonable searches (with or without a warrant)?
GPS Surveillance on a suspect’s vehicle
Using drug-sniffing dogs in the front yard around someone’s home
DUI checkpoints
Does profiling take place? Based on research, how do you think profiling may impact law enforcement decisions?
Stop and Frisk (known as theTerrystop) 
Check out this link regarding Stop and Frisk
Finally, what are your thoughts on the right to privacy? Is there an explicit Constitutional right to this? Does public safety override an individual right to privacy? How far should the government go in
protecting us?
This assignment must follow MLA guidelines, be typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, and be a minimum of 2-3 pages with a works cited page. The works cited are not included in the minimum page count. 
Please see the link for MLA guidelines.

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