How does each of the sociological perspectives approach the subject of aging? Explain.


Discussion questions

Please respond to all of the following prompts in the class discussion section of your online course, and use the readings from Chapter 10, “Gender and Age,” to obtain background information.

    • How does each of the sociological perspectives approach the subject of aging? Explain.
    • Overall, how would you say the media tends to portray the elderly? Do you think the media’s portrayal illustrates/perpetuates ageism?
    • When you think about your later years, what vision comes to mind? What goals do you have for yourself later in life and what societal changes, if any, would need to take place for each of you to feel confident that you will be able to achieve those goals?
    • Use your textbook and additional resources. You must cite, in APA style citation, any sources used and include a works cited page.
    • Use double-spacing and one of these fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier, size 12.
    • Please note that your grade will be based on the content of your work as well as on the spelling, grammar, and presentation.

    In a 2 – 3 page paper, write from your own perspective on the following scenario:

Cross-Culturalism in Business Paper

Imagine yourself as an employee of a company doing business in another country. Consider some of the misperceptions that could occur, from awkward language translations to colliding customs.

Why do you think it is often difficult to do business across cultures? How can businesspeople avoid cross-cultural mistakes? If a company offends a culture in which it is trying to do business, what should it do?

Be certain to use all three major sociological theories – functionalism, conflict theory, and interactionism – in your analysis.

Paper Requirements:

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