How was the purpose of the study presented to the participants?

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Article citation: Shepperd, J., & McNulty, J. (2002). The effective consequences of

expected and unexpected outcomes. Psychological Science, 13, 85-88

doi: 10.1111/1467-9280.00416

Who are the participants in STUDY 3 of this research article?

Are the participants of this study considered to be part of a vulnerable population?

What compensation/incentives did the researchers offer for participation in the study? Was this appropriate compensation for participation or could this be considered excessively coercive?

How was the purpose of the study presented to the participants?

Was the experimenter’s presentation of the study purpose accurate? (Hint: Were the researchers being wholly honest in their presentation of the study purpose)?

Were the participants given sufficient information about the study purpose and procedure to give informed consent? Explain why you think this is or is not the case.

Why was the design of this study important for the “believability” of the study results and conclusions?

What benefits might the researchers have listed in their proposal for this research? What risks should they have listed in their proposal?

In your opinion, does the assessment of risk and benefits balance in favor of the benefits? Explain.

What efforts did the researchers take to minimize the risks?

Was the use of the above methods justified by the benefits of the study?

Would your conclusions about the ethics of this study be different if the participants were clients at a mental health clinic, and rather than a fictitious medical condition, the study focused on a test for a fictitious mental health concern? Please explain why your conclusions would or would not be different.

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