Identify an appropriate organisation 2. Highlight the key strategic/cultural issues in the organisation 3. Identify the rationale behind the initiation of the change process.


Word count: 4,500 words.
The usual 10% plus or minus rule applies to assignments

The other part, which will not be assessed, is an updated personal portfolio with a reflective report (1000 words) on how they have used

strategic thinking learned from the module to develop their understanding.

(An alternative assessment is available in extenuating circumstances where a student is not yet in a management position and this will entail

critically analysing a scenario from a published source).

Your assignments must be submitted via turnitin no later than the dates and times specified, unless an extension has been obtained from the

module coordinator in advance of the submission date. Extensions will only be given for reason of illness. In all cases a medical

certificate/letter signed by a doctor must be submitted. Marks will be deducted for late submission of work without permission, according to the

University regulations. Please plan your work carefully.
1.4.2 Details of assignments
The assignments require you to consider all aspects (strategy process, organizational culture and strategic change) of the module. It is

advisable to work in groups for the purpose of gathering materials and academic brainstorming. You will however, write and submit two individual

assignments. You must be aware that plagiarism is academic misconduct and is therefore not allowed.
1. Your coursework assignment will be combining Academic with a Consultancy Report style. This has been designed to help you to demonstrate

your understanding of the topics you have covered in this module and its application to practice.
You will select a real life industry scenario you are familiar with and in which strategy is put into action. You will examine a management or

leadership dilemma or a crisis (e.g an overall problem in an organisation experiencing low profitability, loss of market share, lack of

innovation, sustainability or ethical problems causing poor organisation image, loss of competitive strength or poor leadership etc).
Your selection might be a previous employer or current employer. However, you may, if you wish, do your own research and select some other

appropriate organization as long as you are satisfied that it underwent a cultural/strategic change process. This means that you are free to use

secondary data and literature to select a well-known case example of an organization that undertook a process of strategic change.
– You will research and write a critically evaluated consultancy report for your organization of choice. Your report will be based on

astrategic/cultural change management scenario that occurred in the organization. You may seek the advice of your lecturer on your choice.
– Your report will identify and articulate a progressive/strategic resolution to the problem posed by the scenario, based on theoretical

models and evidence based research. You are expected to combine both theoretical and practical perspectives of your module in this consultancy

The following might help you to structure your assignment:
1. Identify an appropriate organisation
2. Highlight the key strategic/cultural issues in the organisation
3. Identify the rationale behind the initiation of the change process.
4. Outline the key stages involved in the change process.
5. What challenges, if any, threatened to derail the change process?
6. What Theoretical/Strategic model/models are the most appropriate to apply
7. What was the end result? Successful cultural change or otherwise?
Additional things you may wish to consider could include the extent of your own role, if relevant, in the cultural/strategic change process and

how leaders managed the whole process.
Word count: 4,500 words

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