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Select a stage in the lifespan (infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, adulthood, old adulthood) and a care setting (hospital, long-term care, home care, hospice care) and investigate how they interface and bullet five findings or realizations. For example, what did you learn through your investigation about infancy and hospice care?Your initial post must be a minimum of 150 – 300 words. Copy and paste the stage in the lifespan and care setting you are responding to at the top of your post. Make sure your post shows evidence that you have completed and understood the readings for this week by using the theories/concepts that were covered and by adding quotes and examples from the text that help you answer the question. You must post by 11:59 PM EST on Thursday and comment on the posts of at least two of your classmates by 11:59 PM EST on Sunday. Peer posts should be 100 -150 words and substantive.Required Texts:Ferrell, B. R. & Paice, J.A. (2019). Oxford textbook of palliative nursing (5th ed.). New York: Oxford University Press ISBN-13: 978-0190862374
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