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Imagine you are conducting a review of the International Space Station project. Research press coverage and the Internet to collect information on the current status of the project. Answer the following questions: (5 points each) a. What are the successes and failures to date? b. What forecasts would you make about the completion of the project, and why? c. What recommendations would you make to top management of the program, and why? 2. Use an Internet job search engine (i.e. and search for jobs in the field of project management. What did this search reveal about: (10 points) a. the demand for project managers? b. the importance of certification? c. different industries looking for project managers? 3. Access the Project Management Institute Web site and review the standards contained in PMI Member Ethical Standards section. How useful is the information for helping someone decide what behavior is appropriate and inappropriate? (5 points) 4. Refer to Exercise 2 on Schwalbe (p. 177). Download a free trial version of MindView Mind Mapping software from and create a mind map of a SWOT analysis for Bowie State University, focusing on what it can do to improve services for students. Include at least two strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and then provide ideas for at least three potential projects. (10 points) 5. Read the PMI’s report, Pulse of the Profession: Requirements Management – A Core Competency for Project and Program Success. Find two other reports on requirements management written in 2016 or later. Summarize the findings of the reports and your opinion on the topic. (10 points)

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