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Journal Entry
Journals are a personal space for private communication between instructor and students. I use journals as a self-reflective tool for learners to post opinions, ideas, and concerns about the class, or discuss and analyze class related materials.
Reflective journaling enhances critical thinking skills and encourages deeper levels of learning. Students benefit from journaling because journaling promotes future learning. Thus, the ability to think deeply about the material and draw connections to what one already knows is the key to reflective learning. Journals are similar to blogs; however, blogs are usually public, and journals are private.
Assignment Instructions:
For this assignment, you will write an analysis of how you have changed as a result of this course SINCE THE FIRST JOURNAL ENTRY.
You will post a minimum 250-word synopsis of your experiences in and reflections on the course. This should be a personal statement about each of the following:
What is working well in the course?
What major learning stands out for you? Be specific…cite content from chapters 17, 18 & Bonus Chapter D covered since the last Journal Entry.
Review the chapter video assignments and address the questions I asked you to contemplate regarding the videos and the major issues addressed in them.
Describe an “a-ha moment” that you remember in the program and how it affected you.
What have you learned in the program so far that may be of most use to you as you carry out and complete your degree and future career?
What suggestions do you have for course improvements?
Any concerns or issues that you may have regarding your ability to be able to be successful in this course.
Submission Requirements:
Enter your response directly into the Rich Content Editor box or attach your assignment file as a Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) document and click submit.
Prepare your document using MLA Style formatting, in-text source citations, and Works Cited page listing all sources/resources used in your document submission.

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