This assignment will help develop reading comprehension and analyzing skills


Your Logos analysis can look at how the author uses appeals to statistics, evidence, and logical reasoning. You are to write approximately 750 words. You will need to provide a thesisis the use of Logos in this article strong or weak? Bonus: An additional analysis of Ethos and Pathos would be accepted, but it is not a requirement.


A successful analysis will:

Outline how the author makes his/her argument
Evaluate the argument in terms of Logos 
Cite specific passages and demonstrates how they function within the overall argument
Identify any significant strengths or weaknesses of the argument (or a mixture of both) and ties them back to the claims of the argument (evaluation)


Your summary must be double-spacedwith 1 marginson all sides and in a 12 point (Times New Roman or similar) font.Use proper APA formatting (title page, reference page).


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