memory management and virtual memory 2

you will study how various OSs perform memory management and provide support for virtual memory.
Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research memory management, virtual memory of OSs, deadlock modeling, and distributed OSs.
Based on your research, complete the following tasks:

For the scenario at Acme Toys Inc. described in Week 1, read the requirements again. In the Microsoft Word document from W3 Project, to your analysis of OSs (three OSs for workstations and servers), add to the discussion with regard to memory management, virtual memory, deadlock modeling, and distributed OSs. Support your analysis with reasons.
For each listed OS, discuss the requirements for size of virtual and physical memories.

Submission Details

Name your document SU_ITS3101_W4_Project_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
Support your responses with examples.

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