Moonlit nights of laughter by fatima mernissi

I could use your help on this discussion question
– at least 350 words no more than 400 words
-please read Moonlit Nights of laughter by Fatima Mernissi
-Answer this question What expectations did Mernissi’s mother have for her daughters and how did she express them?
-The answer should consist of a well-developed paragraph, which means your first sentence should answer the question(s) (i.e. topic sentence), and the following sentences should support the topic sentence. The paragraph should be unified and coherent with specific supporting details, quotes, and examples from the story. The sentences should be clear, concise, and arranged in a logical order. Transitions, pronouns, and repetition should be used to provide coherence. All paraphrased and quoted material must be properly documented with in-text citations.

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