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Book Review: After the Natural Law AssignmentInstructions 
You will be required to draft two bookreviews.  The goal of the papers is not merely to offer unfoundedopinion or subjective discussion of the topics, but rather to provide a concise,well-reasoned analysis of the topics presented. This is an open researchproject, meaning that you are expected to locate, use, and cite support outsideof the course readings. Better papers will demonstrate that you sufficientlypondered the ideas at issue to understand them, recognize them, and develop awell-reasoned approach to them. 
Be sure to read closely the grading rubric for theassignment and note that at least 10 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed academicjournal articles or books published by university presses) are required, whichshould include the course readings for the included Natural Law thinkers. 
Scriptural excerpts with citations are required in allwritten assignments. 
Explain the assignment in detail. Specify the exactrequirements of the assignment. Items to include are outlined as follows: 
·       The papers must each be at least 10 pages long, whichdoes not include the title page and bibliography, with default margins and12-pt Times New Roman font. 
·       Turabian Format  
·       Citationsto at least 10 scholarly sources are required. 
·       Scriptural excerptswith citations are required in all written assignments, but these do not counttoward the 10 required sources 
·       Acceptablesources: the book under review (required), all coursereadings for the included Natural Law thinkers (required), otherprimary sources by the included Natural Law thinkers, academic journalarticles, books published by university presses. 
·       For Book Review: Afterthe Natural Law Assignment, review the following:  Hill, JohnLawrence.  2016. After the Natural Law: How the ClassicalWorldview Supports Our Modern Moral and Political Views. SanFrancisco: Ignatius Press. 
·       You should state thepurpose of the book under review, give your critique of the author’s success inmeeting this purpose, and relate the content of the book to the ideas of theNatural Law thinkers covered to that point in the course, especially thoserequired in the instructions for each review listed below.  
·       In your reviewof this work, be sure to mention the Natural Law theories of the thinkerscovered between Weeks 3 and 6 (Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Hooker, and Calvin)and include a discussion of their relationship to democracy, covenantalstatesmanship, and positive law/public policy formation. 
·       Include a concludingsection entitled Public Policy Applications that relates the lessons of thereviewed book and included Natural Law thinkers to three public policy areas ofyour choice: one must be moral; one must be economic; and one can be any otherarea of public policy of interest to you.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originalityvia the SafeAssign plagiarism tool. 

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