opportunity to enhance your simulation experiences in this class with additional information and advice from project leadership experts.

his paper assignment is intended to offer you an opportunity to enhance your simulation experiences in this class with additional information and advice from project leadership experts. Although the resources from the first part of this assignment are chosen for you, the second part allows you some flexibility to freely pursue your interests in project leadership in particular, and leadership in general.

Step 1: Read A Project Manager’s Guide to Making Successful Decisions, by Dennis Buede and Robert Powell, Chapter 1 “Decision-Making: The Key to Project Success”

*** You may need to log out of your Blackboard account and log in to your ASU library account in order to access this title. You also may need to look the title up in the library catalog.
Then, choose TWO blog entries to incorporate into your discussion. Please be sure to choose topics or themes that relate directly to your present simulation scenario, so that you may draw better connections.
*** Note: the Blackboard site may re-direct you to another link, so just follow the pathway.

  • 40 points – Content and understanding of the material presented- This includes answering the questions presented above and showing an understanding of the material being presented in the module.
  • 20 points – Personal Example of the material presented in your own life (personal or professional)- This is a specific personal example from your own life where some part of the material presented applied or was seen. This can be a professional example with you in a leadership or team member role. This could be a personal experience outside of the workplace. It does not matter the setting, other than it is outside of the classroom and it applies to the material.
  • 10 points – Grammar and Style- Spelling and grammar are important in a professional environment. How someone communicates can inspire confidence or invite the team to question the abilities of their leaders. Please refer to the Grammar & Style tab included in this module for some of the more common mistakes students make.
  • Negative Points- Remember that points will be deducted for late papers

Step 2: Read through the different blog sites found at https://www.odesk.com/blog/2009/05/top-25-project-management-blogs/.

Step 3: Write a paper incorporating the reading from “Step 1” and your chosen blog entries from “Step 2” and discuss any “take away” points they may provide. Do these resources enhance your knowledge of project leadership in any way? Do you agree with all of their assertions? Citing specific examples from the simulation, discuss any connections you may find that can be drawn.

Also discuss any personal experiences that you may have that relate to the reading or blog entries, or any insights into how you might alter your actions in the future based on these readings and experiences. It is important to share at least one personal or professional experience within the paper as that shows the instructor that you have a solid grasp of the content and allows the ideas to cement within your mind.

Logistics: Please write your paper using a 12 point font and double space. Papers should be around 3 pages long. Aim to use your own words; however, when you quote or paraphrase, remember to briefly mention to which source you are referring. Also, please be sure to proofread your work for spelling or grammatical errors. Please refer to the Writing Standards tab in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen.

Grading Rubric

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