Phase 3 internship ywca | Operations Management homework help

Phase # 3 – Project Plan
Develop and write a 2-3-page plan based on Phase III of your project. You should include all the necessary information that is asked for and you should support all your points. Clear recommendations must be given based on the research you have done. These plans should specifically address the problem statement. You are required to use references and in-text citations in your plan. Please be sure to include the name of your selected company and the name of Phase III that you are working on at the top of your paper. 
Remember, you are writing to the client, so this paper needs to be professionally written with proper grammar and spelling.
If you are working on the YWCA, consider and address the following questions when writing Phase III of your paper:
Phase III – Plan for Integration into Museum Exhibit

Explore YW images and other content to tell a visual story focused on a particular theme or concept.
How can the YW create a presentation or plan that resonates with either the LinkedIn or Twitter following? What would be the topics and who would be the people?
Develop a visual presentation which YW can utilize on its website and potentially be incorporated into the Museum’s online exhibit.

For the last paragraph on a separate page after your references also include a 200 word count including the below:
As you are putting the finishing touches on Phase III of your project this week, please also consider any ethical implications associated with the recommendations that you are making.  Please review the materials in the Week 11 Lectures and Resources page and apply it to your selected business.  Additionally, please review the materials presented related to the “customer experience.”  Is this an area of improvement that your client should consider? Please explain.

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