Philosophy discussions – urgent (3 hours) 78 sentences (6 sentences

* No references are needed!
* Urgent, need in 3 hours! 
Make sure to adequately explain and defend your philosophical position within at least 6 substantive and in-depth sentences per question. 
Discussion 1
1. According to your own philosophical position, does the authority of the state over an individual derive from a contract into which the individual enters?
    a. If so, when does a person born into a society agree to the contract? Can he or she withdraw from the contract at any time?
    b. If there is no contract of any sort whether tacit or explicit then, what justifies the authority of the state over an individual. 
 2.  Hobbes argued that the state of nature is a warring condition where people’s lives are “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.” According to Hobbes, what is it about human nature that would make the state of nature so horrible, and do you agree with his depiction of human nature?
3. According to your own philosophical position, Is it possible to prove that you exist from the fact that you are a thinking being?
4. According to your own philosophical position, Is it possible to be absolutely certain that you are not dreaming right now?
5.  According to your own philosophical position, Can the mind think without the brain? exist without the brain?
Remember ALL of your answers must be substantive and in-depth. In addition, all of your answers must adequately support your philosophical position such that you adequately DEFEND and EXPLAIN your philosophical position
Discussion 2
1. According to Locke and then according to your own philosophy –> If a tree drops in the forest and no hearing being is there, does it make a sound? Why or why not?(remember I am looking for paragraphs for each question NOT sentences).
2.    Watch this clip by copy pasting the URL into a new window  Then answer the following question –> Does the clip of Esref Armagan prove or disprove Locke’s philosophy? Why or why not? (you must explain your reasoning in detail)
3.If an individual were to receive a total brain transplant, would that individual become the person from whom the brain came? (what would Locke say & what is your philosophy)
4. According to your own philosophical position, if it were true that women were not capable of reason would that justify men’s rule over her? 
Discussion 3
1. Is the moral worth of an action determined entirely by the intention behind it, with no reference to the actual effects of the action? 
2.  Is an action immoral if one cannot consistently will that everyone do the action? 
3. Are consequences the most important thing to consider in making a choice?
4. Should the good of the individual always be subordinated to the good of the group?

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