Refugee health service Academic Essay

identify refugee health service gap and write an evidence-based proposal to either your local government or organisatio
You are expected to identify a gap in the health service provision for the refugee population in your local government area or organisation. You are then required to write an evidence-based proposal to either your local government or organisation for a new or expanded health service for the refugee population in your area.In preparing this proposal you are required to investigate and map services available for the newly arrived refugee and asylum seeker populations in the local government area or organisation. Include your organisation and other health, social and government organisations. Critically analyse how services in your area respond to the needs of the local refugee population.Your discussion requires you to consider the impact of resettlement, in particular how resettlement impacts on culture and family relationships. Describe how you would approach developing a new or expanded service to support your chosen group with resettlement.Critically analyze the importance of community consultation and participation, funding opportunities, partnerships, ethical considerations, collaboration and evaluation to ensure sustainability of the new or expanded health service.Your proposal should include the following:• ? Cover page• ? Table of contents• ? Abstract: a concise summary of the overall project, recommendations and conclusion (max. 150 words)• ? Introduction• ? Background• ? Literature review• ? Objectives and aims of the new or expanded service• ? Method – include what is required in the planning phase, how you would implement your project and how to achieve sustainabilityof your new or expanded service.• ? Any recommendations• ? Conclusion? Reference List and AppendicesAbstract:150Introduction : 200Background : 400Literature review: 600method: 1600Conclusion: 300
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