Research a disease/disorder or condition that you or a family member may have experienced.

Each student will be required to complete a 5-6 page research paper( a minimum of 1500 words-you must submit your word count). At some time in your life, you, your loved ones, or close friends will be diagnosed with a disease, disorder, illness, or condition. This paper is designed to help you to develop the skills necessary to research this diagnosis. The research paper must include, and will be graded on, the following: 1) the topic—definition and discussion 2) how disease/disorder is diagnosed/discovered 3) relevant research/data on topic-what current research exist ( this is where you will cite professional journals) 4) current statistics regarding incidence, morbidity, mortality, recovery rates, gender, age, race , ethnicity 5) treatments (traditional, nontraditional, and experimental) At minimum, you must use texts( books on the subject matter), professional journals,and websites. You must use reputable sites for your citations. For example, I may use Wikipedia to get started, but I would not submit it as a source. You must include only professionally vetted journals. 6) all local and national resources available for information-this is not a works cited requirement, but is intended to have you research local and national sources of aIDitional information. for example, if I was doing my project on breast cancer, I would list as a resource the Breast Cancer Center at the Queen of the Valley Hospital. This is not intended to be your works cited page, but is to answer the question, “Where could I go for more information?” The paper must be typed using the MLA format (standard NVC English format) with citations of all work that is not original. You must cite all work. Failure to cite work, known as plagiarism, will result in 0 points. Examples of topics include Type II diabetes, breast cancer, anorexia nervosa, osteoporosis, HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, ingrown toenails, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress syndrome, allergies, environmental poisoning. It is permissible (and perhaps even preferable) to use an illness or condition that you, family members, or friends have experienced. This in-depth research has proven to be very helpful and informative to past health students. Making the research more personal will certainly have more meaning for you. I have found that this is a good opportunity to research a disease/disorder or condition that you or a family member may have experienced. It is a good opportunity to learn more about it.
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