Research Theme (Photography)

Every Digital Media major is required to have a research theme. This is an area of endeavor within Digital Media (print, web, photography). You should choose a theme that interests you…something
that you want to be an expert in by the time you graduate. (I chose photography)

Research on the theme, in this case Photography. Then, you are to write your findings in a short (three page, double-spaced) paper that meets the APA manuscript requirements.

Here are the points you will cover:
1. What do other credible people or institutions have to say about your question?
2. Write about their research.
3. Do not provide your own opinion.
4. Cite at least 10 sources using correct APA style.
*Wikis are not credible sources.
*Must have printed book/journal sources as well as internet sources.

This isn’t a personal journal, but is intended as a scholarly exercise. You must use APA style, citing sources in text or a References list at the end.

To earn an ‘A’, you must also provide supporting documentation (bibliography, photographs, links, samples, cost analysis, and so forth).


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