SUD 160 Final exam


1.  The Historical Event and the Person you write about in your two essays are not to be one in the same.  Each essay is to be 1250 words minimum, and the word count is not to include the reference page.

2.  The questions are already loaded into an APA template.  Put your name on the cover page, then go to page two and start writing after the phrase “1250 word minimum”.   If you copy and paste into the template, make sure you do not change the formatting from double spaced and size 12.  Do not change any formatting.

3.  Do not use the text Slaying The Dragon as a reference.  Look outside your text for sources, and make sure all citation and referencing is according to APA guidelines.  Also, never, never, use Wikipedia as a reference source.

4.  You have at least ten days for this assignment.  There will be no extensions, and no exceptions.  The exams must be submitted on time as I only have a very small window for reading and grading, and then posting the grades.  If you have any questions, please ask them now, and do not wait until the last minute.

5.  An extra Discussion Question has been added to Week Ten.  This assignment, simply, is a statement that you understand all of the instruction regarding the Final Examination Essays.  This assignments eliminates the possibility that any one can claim they did not understand the instructions and other content of the assignment.

6.  As always, your ability to follow instruction is appreciated, and a contributor to the grading of all assignments, and especially so in these Final Exams.

Thank you and Good Luck



there needs to be to separate essays. He likes when you use your opinion or your own thoughts on certain situations. Don’t make this to good because this is my first quarter in college so I don’t want him thinking someone else wrote this. If you have any questions please email me right away. This is my final and is 30% of my grade. Thank you, You guys have been saving my ass 


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The post SUD 160 Final exam first appeared on nursing writers.

The post SUD 160 Final exam appeared first on nursing writers.

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