The pros and cons of franchising.

Select a manufacturer or service organization then, using the SWOT factors on page 79 of your textbook, identify the competitive advantages that yourselected company exhibits. Be sure to support your conclusions.Discuss the pros and cons of franchising. What are two examples of how a franchisor can negatively impact a franchisee? Do you think there are any ethicalimplications?Read Situation 2 on page 120 (Chapter 4) of your textbook. What risks do you think you would face if you were a successful manager in a large organizationwho suddenly had an offer to go into business for yourself? Why do you think Treadwell decided to become a multi-brand franchisee instead of staying withKFC?Give four reasons for buying an existing business rather than creating a brand new one. Describe the process of evaluating an existing business. Howeffective do you think these guidelines are?

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