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Unit 6 DB: Labor Unions
This week we review Labor Unions and their place in the 21stCentury. This subject needs academic research and then personal observations.  Remember to base the personal comments on your research and stay away from sources that are for or against unions.  Make sure the sources are objective.  Your response should include:

A summary of why an organization, such as unions, was needed in the 20th century.  Why did employees seek the protection of a union in the 1930s?
What part did the National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Acct) play in union organizing?
What were some major union highlights – needed to show you have a good understanding of the creation of unions?
After your research, do you feel that employees still need unions in the workplace?  If YES, explain why and if NO, explain why.

Be specific in your response – use data from academic sources and news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, New York Times, etc.  Make sure that your sources have authors – and please don’t use any sources that are for or against unions.  Verify that the reporting is objective.
Unit 6 Forum: Consideration ()
Who keeps the Engagement Ring?
The Facts:

Alex (“A”) proposes marriage to Barbara (“B”)
B accepts
A gives B an engagement ring
After 6 months A and B get tired of each other
The engagement is broken off

Question:Who keeps the ring?

Post your answer and explanation. Use principles you have learned in my Lecture and Text. This is not based on your opinion alone; your conclusion MUST have a basis in the Law, therefore: YOU MUST refer to the Law and legal principles (say which one(s) and where you found them PRECISELY (“in the Textbook” is not good enough)

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