What is civil service law?

All questions below are limited to PSCI 100 domain and use The Logic of American Politics, 6th Edition as textbook.
What is civil service law?
Is plurality voting single member district?
What are superdelegates?
What is a national party organization?
What should we know about the Era of Good Feeling?
What should we know about the first, second, third and so on? Or we need to know these things: From 1860 – 1920 the party is becoming weaker due to reform in government and electoral institution, from 1932 to some years the Democrats dominate due to liberal policies and the new deal coalition, and 1970 primary election reinforce the party. Are there other things to remember?
What should we know about Pendleton?
Why is the coordination not allowed in independent campaign expenditures? Where is permitted coordination?
Why is the First Amendment the ultimate barrier for an egalitarian campaign finance system?
What does beat mean?
E difference between coordination spending and independent spending?

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