What is the relationship between organizational needs analysis and strategic planning?

  • Contain a thread of 400–500 words

Include an analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the topic.

Include the textbook for the course.

Include at least 1 additional scholarly resource. If you are unsure of what constitutes a scholarly resource, please refer to the FAQ link.

Include Bible references.

Include an assessment/analysis of your Christian worldview as it relates to the topic.

Include both in-text citations and references in APA format.

Utilize correct English, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. All work must be posted directly into the message box. Do not attach a file for the discussion portion of this course.

Include clear topic sentences for each paragraph, supporting sentences, and a conclusion sentence/paragraph.

Choose question 2 or question 3

Question 2: Research by David Kolb and others suggests that individuals have different learning styles. How would a manager who has a convergent learning style and a manager who has a divergent learning style differ in their approach to learning? Suppose you are going to conduct training sessions designed to teach managers how to give feedback to subordinates. These 2 managers are scheduled to participate. What might you do (if anything) to handle their style differences to ensure that both of them learn the material you present?

Question 3: What is the relationship between organizational needs analysis and strategic planning? How can tying HRD programs to an organization’s strategic plan make it easier to justify requests for resources to develop and deliver HRD programs?

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