What is your control group? 

Direction and Rubric for Materials/Methods
Submitted in Ethical and or Cultural/Perspectives of Inquiry

The purpose of the materials and methods section is to explain your research in such detail that it could be repeated by another group of scientists and their results would be identical to yours. These sections in all scholarly papers are written in paragraph form and do not include any bullet point lists. It is also written in the past tense and formally. There will be less in text citations in this section in comparison to the lit review and the conclusion, but they are NOT optional. If you are using someone else’s idea or information that is not common knowledge you MUST cite the source. These sections do not include background information. If you find yourself writing about anything other than materials and methods used it need to go in either you lit review or conclusion. It is purely the recipe of the research paper.


First you must identify (if you have them)

· Independent variable (there will only be one)

· Dependent variables (you will need 2 at least)

· Variables you will control for

· Control Group

· Experimental group


1). In your own words, define the following terms:

Control group = the group in a study/ experiment that doesn’t get treatment by researchers and is used as a standard to measure how the other tested members in the group do.

Experimental group = the group in an experiment that gets the variable being tested.

Independent variable = variable that is changed/controlled in an experiment to test the effects on the dependent variable.

Dependent variable = variable being tested and measured in a scientific experiment.

2). Now decide how you will apply each one in your study:

What is your control group? Patients who are in palliative care and receiving psychiatric assistance.

What is/are your experimental group(s)? Palliative care patients who are not receiving psychiatric assistance.

What is independent variable? Benefits and outcome of mental well-being for patients and families of patients not receiving palliative care.

What is your dependent variable? Benefits and outcome of mental well-being for patients and families of patients receiving palliative care.

3). For your results, you will need at least two graphs. Briefly describe what you intend to show in each graph.

– Graph 1 describes % of patients who suffer from mental illness and benefit from palliative psychiatry.

– Graph 2 describes and explains different approaches, besides managing pain, that are used to enhance end of life care.


Includes a comprehensive list of all the materials needed for the experiment including

· The number of subjects and the inclusion criteria

· Units of measurement


Includes a step by step details account of the techniques used to collect data written in the past tense

Justifies the use of each technique used to collect valid data

Examples of how to start this section

· To investigate the correlation between

· To confirm the presence of

· To identify the cause of

Results Directions

Researchers Results

For this assignment 2 visual aids that illustrate your data collected are required

The visuals must be relevant to your research and must be created through your hypothetical study (you can’t use someone else’s data)

Chart, tables or graphs are acceptable and must include

· A title

· Labeled x and y axis

· Correct units of measurement

· Logical choice of measurement and units

After each visual a description of each follows. The description details the chart so that someone could recreate the chart without seeing it.

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