Your goal will be to educate law enforcement about the dynamics of abuse and neglect cases.

The prosecutor is
getting feedback from local law enforcement officers explaining that they are
discouraged from making arrests in cases of domestic violence and child abuse.
They claim that they have been neither making arrests in domestic violence situations
nor arresting both parties when they go out on a call. It seems that abused
women often go back to the abusers, and children who get removed from the homes
where they have been abused often return after removal. These occurrences have
been especially demoralizing to law enforcement.

One of your jobs in
working as a victims’ witness assistant is to help educate law enforcement on
the nature and behaviors involved in domestic violence and child abuse. The
prosecutor’s office has decided that you should present each of the
following topics for the next training session:

Topic 1: Domestic
Violence: Your goal is to educate law enforcement to use best practices in
the investigation of domestic abuse cases. Include the following topics:

  • How
    to approach a domestic violence situation when responding to an emergency call

    • When
      the parties should be separated
    • What
      information needs to be in the report and why
    • How
      best to help a victim
    • What
      laws protect victims, including the use of protection orders
    • Why
      victims return to abusers
    • Length
      of time it may take to stay away from their abusers
  • Arrests
    • The
      legal standard needed to make an arrest in a domestic violence case
    • What
      evidence should be collected at the arrest
    • Are
      dual arrests effective law enforcement
    • How
      to assist domestic violence victims

Topic 2: Child
Abuse: Your goal will be to educate law enforcement about the dynamics of
abuse and neglect cases. Include the following topics:

  • Signs
    of child abuse and categories (physical, sexual, emotional)
  • Difference
    between abuse and neglect

    • Legal
      description of neglect
  • Use
    of guardian ad litems

    • The
      legal standards that must be met in removal from the home
    • Termination
      of parental rights
  • Requirements
    of Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
  • Role
    of court-appointed special advocates (CASA) in child abuse and neglect cases
  • Role
    of Social Services in abuse and neglect cases

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